What's a Private Email Network or PEN?

When companies are trying to avoid the potential for infiltration and corruption in their e-mail system, one of the options that is available for them to consider is to create a business private e-mail network or PEN. Not only is this a completely attainable goal for any company that wants to make their email network more secure, but it is becoming increasingly necessary as businesses need to be capable of protecting their private and personal information in more secure ways.

Private Email Messages
With enough persistence, someone that is interested in breaking into your company's private email messages certainly can do so. This is especially possible when it comes to open WiFi locations. Not only could they potentially read sensitive information in the emails traveling between members of your company, but there is also potential there for them to manipulate and change the information in those documents to harm your business. Proprietary information can be stolen and email messages can be forwarded on, altered or not, without anyone being wise to the fact that the message was ever intercepted. This can spell disaster for an unprepared company.

For all types of companies then, regardless of the types of information that are regularly sent via email message, it has become necessary for you to choose an email client that is secure and that will protect the information stored in email messages as it is being sent. The best idea is going to be to use an open architecture type of system that is going to be supported well into your company's future rather than choosing a more proprietary system that will only last for a few years.

What a Private Email Network (PEN)
A Private Email Network or PEN attempts to achieve is to pass email messages around only within the company on a local or intranet level, meaning that the email messages are never vulnerable to hackers because they are not being exposed to the internet at large. When employees at your company communicate through the Private Email Network, they are communicating only within your company's own office building, which means that private correspondence is kept safe and secure, and you can rest assured that your proprietary information and personal communications are being kept completely private.

For example, the email2 platform enables your organization to create a Private Email Network, a trusted channel for confidential conversations with colleagues, stakeholders and clients.

There are a number of different turnkey systems that are available for companies large and small that are looking to create a local, private email network that can be relied on for correspondence within the company without a threat of outside interests getting in. The best systems typically involve the use of a simple program that makes sending email within the private email network easy and intuitive, behaving as a normal email system would, though the email messages never leave the closed loop system and therefore they are never vulnerable to attacks. This is the best way to protect your company's private correspondence from prying, outside eyes.


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